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We offer a range of customized advice tailored to your specifics needs, be it for a company, line of business, division or department.

AI Portfolio Jump Start – we work with you and your team to explore, evaluate, expand define and deliver a portfolio of at least 5 viable, high value AI projects you can start immediately. In five weeks you will have your first portfolio of AI projects ready to get started. You will know why they are good AI projects for you and exactly how to get started.

AI Portfolio Assurance – Once you are executing on one-or-more AI value delivery projects we will stay plugged into your efforts and be your trusted advisor, assuring you stay on track; identifying risks and opportunities to maximize your investment in AI. Protect your investment with our expert, unbiased advice.

AI Due Diligence Assessment – We will look at a potential investment you want to make and provide an assessment of the AI involved along with a risk analysis of the underlying AI and its implications. We focus on the extent to which the underlying AI creates competitive advantage. We do not offer financial advice about the investment.

Individual AI Coaching – This is a cost-reduced, dip your toes in the water approach to get accustomed to the value you will get from our AI Portfolio services. The service is time boxed and intended to reduce your risk in checking out how much value you get from Black Coffee AI. The offering is for 10 contact hours over 60 days along with our guarantee to read any material you provide.